Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Remix: Das Ich 'Destillat'

Most of you who were frequenting EBM/Industrial nights just before the turn of the century probably recall Das Ich's 'Destillat', or at least the ultra popular VNV Nation remix. Not unlike Suicide Commando's 'Hellraiser', the chances of hearing the original or alternate mixes were pretty slim. After all this was all going down at the height of Ronan-mania, when DJs were looking for even more ways to cram some of that sweet VNV sound into their sets (and consequently dancers on the floor). I've always preferred the 'Club' remix of the track myself, and was pleased to see that Das Ich's new odds n' ends collection Addendum. It's the addition of the female vocals and the guitar sounding synth on the chorus that do it for me I think. Check this mix out and tell me it's not better than the VNV one. Seriously. Also, were the last two Das Ich records that came out on Metropolis any good? I kinda stopped paying attention after 'Anti'Christ'.

Das Ich - Destillat (Extended Club Mix)

And hey, there's even a video apparently!