Friday, July 20, 2007

news shorts

Andy Meya's in the process of creating a new Forma Tadre site. It's still in the middle stages of constructivitis (to cop a phrase from Uncle Mick), but there's some solid info on all aspects of the project's discography (even the photos in the liner notes!), and most importantly the news that a third Forma Tadre album is in the pipeline, making it the first in nearly ten years. Both "Navigator" and "Automate" are undisputed classics in my book, the former taking EBM into exciting orchestral and oceanic territory, the latter a stunning walk down twilight ambient avenues. Andy sez "the new album (no working title yet) will be a timeless electronic experience with a unique feel, style, atmosphere & heavy load of lyrics. No Future-Pop, none whatsoever." Boo-ya. Count another record under the FT banner one of the titles I'm most eagerly anticipating this year.
Goth drama? On the Internet? Surely you jest! But no! And coming from the band with more "he said/she said/he released my demos in Europe without consent" history than any other: Christian Death. A new outfit, deemed Christian Death 1334 and featuring original "Only Theatre Of Pain" writers Rikk Agnew and James McGearty has been formed and is touring the classic material by "way of honoring our dear friend Rozz Williams and resurrecting the sound which is distinctly Christian Death."

Enter Valor, who retorts with "There is a bogus concert being organised by an unofficial 'TRIBUTE band', featuring the christiandeath name which is not christian death. It is billed as taking place in LA. Be warned that this is not christian death and steps are being taken to ensure that fans will not be ripped off as this is not the start of the long awaited tour."

I'll refrain from pointing out the hilarity inherent in Valor calling any incarnation of Christian Death "bogus" (if all of this is confusing, consult the wikipedia article on the band to catch up on one of the most confusing and bitter intra-band feuds EVR) and merely say that I'd be interested in hearing Christian Death 1334's take on the classic material. I'm not nuts about Eva O, never have been, but Rikk Agnew's a great guitarist and songwriter (peep his "All By Myself" solo record for some classic and classy SoCal punk), and there's no way that Christian Death 1334 can do anything but help restore at least some of the lustre to a legacy that's been tarnished for over twenty years by a bottomfeeder without a shred of dignity.

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