Monday, May 26, 2008

F Kinetik - Day 1.

While Alex and Bruce were off in Montreal drinking boxed wine in open parking lots and stuffing themselves with real poutine, I held down the fort here in Vancouver. Keeping it real.

There was recently a bloggy rant posted about how people need to stop complaining about how modern industrial sucks. And then a bunch of other people were like "Yeah! You're all haters!"
In the interest of journalistic integrity, I say that you're all hypocrites! And not in the awesome Peter Tagtgren way.

First of all, before we call the kettle neon black, let me first say that the entire IEI enjoys talking trash. Even Bruce. That's right. The guy that pretends to walk some kind of path of righteousness, yet if you mention Unter Null he kicks his mother in the face. Then spills beer on her. Again. Alex and I are no better. There's no shortage of bands we've spoken poorly of.
The crux of the matter is that it's not because we think it's the elite thing to do. Afterall, at the last get together we had we started singing "Careless Whisper" and R Kelly's modern masterpiece "Real Talk." That's right. We weren't singing Front 242, we were talk-singing an argument with Kells' lady friend.

That said, we would never say that the entire genre sucks. Even if we don't have many industrial records primed for our top 10 this year.

I think most people are in the same boat. No matter how supportive they want to say they are, I've heard pretty much all of them talk trash about a plethora of bands. So hopefully being the biggest battery cage supporter doesn't become the new "thing" because that's just as fake as saying the only CDs you own are Whitehouse albums.

Can anyone honestly tell me that the entire Alfa Matrix roster is awesome?
And at the same time, can you honestly say that Interlace, Run Level Zero, Celldweller, Keef Baker, Combichrist, Snog and Spectra Paris ALL SUCK?

In a perfect world, people would go up to a DJ request sheet and write down what they ACTUALLY want to hear. Not what will feed their facade. Not something as awesome and helpful as "Play something good."
A Perfect world where if you do play some old goth music, someone would actually dance to it.
Or where Alex is eating a Whopper in the back of a limo while R Kelly sings his order into a Burger King drive-thru box with his shirt off.
A Perfect World. And That's Real Talk.


Brad said...

I missed this "all new industrial sucks" rant. Can you kindly direct me to it?

A true oldschool rivethead would say that it is irrelevant whether or not Interlace, Run Level Zero, Celldweller, Keef Baker, Combichrist, Snog and Spectra Paris suck, because hardly any of that music is industrial. :) I mean, I can understand Run Level Zero and Interlace as modern versions of Frontline Assembly-style industrial, but what's remotely industrial about Keef Baker, Spectra Paris or Celldweller?

Bruce said...

It wasn't so much an "all new industrial sucks" rant so much as it was a "quit bitching about how there's no good music & get out of the scene if you think it all sucks" rant. Take a gander:

I'm in general agreement with Cyril on this one: there's some great new stuff and some absolutely shit new stuff. People who have rose-coloured visions of how industrial music "used to be" are likely forgetting all of the reams of crap records that were put out at the time, and quickly excised from everyone's memory/playlists, meaning that "it used to be" just Chemlab, Ministry, Clock DVA, Nitzer, Coil, TG, or whoever else you tag as being what industrial "should be".

Additionally, North American DJs (with the exception of those in some larger cities like LA and NY) are pretty much responsible for keeping an elaborate juggling act going for the benefit of a large number of groups with explicitly differing tastes. This comic, nearly ten years old now, still sums it up nicely.

Alex said...

Hello there, contrasoma. That's quite a blog you have.

I can indeed say that Celldweller and Combichrist suck, though I cannot speak for the rest. I will gladly admit my love for cheesy formulaic futurepop; however, I do think it has reached a sort of sad state when even someone as uninitiated as myself can grab a slice of the elitism pie and say that Apoptygma Berzerk and VNV Nation sold out and that their "old stuff" (by which I mean their mid-era stuff after all the true rivetheads had already stopped liking them) was "so much better".