Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dependant Records to Close Up Shop

According to a post in Dependant record's official forums, the label will be ceasing to operate in the near future. Label honcho Stefan Herwig:

"It wont be at immediate effect, and we are not bancrupt (sic). But we do refuse to release records in a maret were coopyright is being systematically undermined. I refuse to work and constantly loose money by trying to build up artists careers. I refuse to release CDs where a majority of the users decides to leach the content instead of really buying it."

He goes on to say that the label will be active until at least Summer 2007. This means that a huge number of EBM and Neu-Industrial groups including Seabound, Flesh Field, Suicide Commando, Babyland, Dismantled, Interlace and Rotersand are gonna be looking for a new european label soon. (As an aside, I'm unsure as to how many of these bands were signed to Metropolis and licensed to Dependant and vice versa.) It's a shame, if a noted label like Dependant dealing exclusively in Industrial club music isn't able to turn enough of a profit to make it worthwhile to continue operating, it leads one to wonder who IS going to keep putting it out. I mean aside from Metropolis, although I daresay it seems like they're probably seeing more success from artists outside the genre like Electric Six or straddling the line like MSI. So long Dependant, when you get to the afterlife (presumably post summer) say hi to Fifth Colvmn, 21st Circuitry, Gashed!, Inception, Bloodline, Pendragon and the rest. We miss them.


Robert said...

Strangely enough this is one of the reasons I wanted to leave the audio development world too. No one seemed to place value on the product anymore, since they could bit torrent for a copy of Pro Tools instead of spending money on a rig.

I think frankly it points to a very very dangerous trend in our society. People feel they are owed something, and justify it by stealing things. They don't care how many hours people worked on said item, but they'll take it in 192 kBPS thank you very much.

Adam said...

The announcement came on the Side-Line forums as well. Click forward to see members of illustrious bands Battery Cage, I, Parasite, Psylon Nine and others get their flame on.

I hate forums.