Saturday, January 13, 2007

There's an excellent new Skinny Puppy song available on their myspace. I gotta admit, I was particularly wary of their comeback record The Great Wrong of the Right when it came out. Considering Cevin Key and Ogre's decent but not exceptional solo output after the dissolution of the group following the death of Dwayne Goettel, it didn't seem prudent to assume that the two of them getting back together would yield results comparable to their creative heyday. The album actually ended up being quite good, mostly because rather than aping their own glory days style or content-wise, they set out to do something altogether different. Even when it didn't succeed, it at least felt like weren't on artistic auto-pilot, the curse of many a comeback record. The new song "Pasturn" actually hearkens back a little bit more to classic Puppy then anything on TGWotR, with touches of Rabies-esque guitar and a really nice sweeping synth pad that reminds me of the chorus from "Love in Vein" from Last Rites. It's a nice appetizer for the highly anticipated new album Mythmaker, I daresay you'll be hearing more about that one in these parts when it's released.


Robert said...

Interesting song aside, why the fuck do they list themselves as Canadian. Neither of the Kevin's have called Vancouver a home in a very very long time. I just think it's cool to not be American right now.

Flatliner said...

Nothing wrong with being proud to be a Canadian, even if you move out of country for business purposes.