Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Majesty

In The Nursery have have composed music for or licensed music to more films and television (including my beloved Rome) than you or I have ever seen. The self-described "Gods of the Bombastic" have been smashing you with martial drums and thunderous cellos while you imagine yourself decapitating umber hulks in the Underdark (or maybe that's just me), before lulling with delicate clarinets and vocals for over 25 years. "L'Esprit" is a stone classic guaranteed to enliven your D&D campaign, night-time Umberto Eco reading, or pasta cooking (if, y'know, you like to cook pasta with dramatic flair). Their new record drops this Tuesday and looks to continue their tradition of making any other "pop" music which describes itself as "cinematic" sound like your uncle's off-camera mutterings on old home movies by comparison.
In The Nursery, "To The Faithful"
In The Nursery, "Retaliation"
New all-female side project from Elena Fossi of Kirlian Camera fame and elegance, apparently permanently taking the place of the Siderartica project: Spectra Paris. Two tracks on MySpace, album in the works for spring. If you've liked the sweeping melodic electro tracks from the last couple of Kirlian releases ("K-Pax," "Coroner's Sun" etc., and really, who didn't?), this should be cause for much excitement.
Siderartica, "Lucky Village's Oversight"


Anonymous said...

Hello. I am originally from B.C. and I'd like you to check out my band. I'm called Zombie Girl :)

Bruce said...

That ITN CD is on its way to me right now. I've been buying their music since Stormhorse. Do the math. The fact that the new one is somehow inspired by architecture is a nice bonus for me.