Friday, February 2, 2007

The Retrosic doesn't suck now apparently?

No, it's totally true! My homey DJ Sickbot has been telling me for months that their 2006 album 'Nightcrawler' was hot fire for the dancefloor, I assumed he was either pulling my chain or possibly going deaf from coming into the booth after me when I've had the monitors turned up. I've been laid up for a few days with a nasty pulled muscle, and at his behest checked the record out via the magic of the internet. I didn't have high hopes considering their first domestically released record 'God of Hell' was a mediocre :Wumpscut: impression at best and just kind of awful and unlistenable at worst. Imagine my surprise when rather than the standard Enzeit electro of yore I was treated to a hybridized sound featuring elements of big beat style techno and even a touch of old school stabby rave synth. They aren't the first Industrial group to dabble in jacking the Prodigy, but given how nuts people still go for 'Smack my Bitch Up' and 'Voodoo People', you'd think more EBM kids would have. Of particular note is the track 'Bloodsport' whose breakbeat and growly sounding bass synth and weird middle eastern sample on the chorus particularly evoke the works of Mr. Howlett and company. ('Bloodsport' also bears the distinction of being better than any song on Spetsnaz's album of the same name by a considerable factor). The vocals and lyrics are pretty much what you would expect (complete garbage) but I can't say I listen to elektro for that. I just can't deny how much I really like about 3/4s of this record, which puts it way ahead of most recent releases in it's genre. Go figure.

The Retrosic - "Bloodsport"

Also, here's the video for the single 'Desperate Youth' which has a bassline veeeery reminiscent of The Prodigy's 'Diesel Power'. Better production values, than most industrial videos though.

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