Monday, February 5, 2007

Xynthetic Net Label "Statement of Purpose" Compilation

Vancouver based net-label Xynthetic Records is releasing a download comp tomorrow, entitled "Statement of Purpose". As you might surmise from the name, the comp is designed to show you the wide range of electronic music the label will be dealing in as it's stock and trade. Coming in at a whopping 26 tracks of Drum n' Bass, IDM, Techno, Electro and Ambient, the comp features a healthy mix of familiar names (Keef Baker, Displacer, Urusai, Mochipet and Portland all contribute tracks) and new artists on an international scale. And it's FREE. That's right, the whole download is being offered completely free of charge under a Creative Commons License. In other words, as long as you give credit, you're allowed to download it, distribute it, copy it and otherwise disseminate it as you wish. All it's gonna cost you is the bandwidth it takes to suck it down. You can click right here to be taken to the download page. Of particular note is the debut of Chris (Frontline Assembly, Will) Peterson's Revelstoker project with the simultaneously creepy and spastic 'Twister' and as a special treat, the return of N5MD label honcho and Gridlock alumni Cadoo's Dryft project with the appropriately titled 'Resurrection'. If you want to check out some tracks while you download, a happy selection is available via Xynthetic's myspace page. Mad applause for labelheads Graeme Foote (aka DJ Pyxis) and Josh Garret (aka compilation contributor Xyn) for putting this together, more updates on their upcoming schedule of releases to come.


Graeme/djpyxis said...

W00t! Thanks for the review mang ;)

DJ Tobias said...

Nice. Currently downloading it.

I'm curious, though, why there isn't a BitTorrent option - it would save bandwidth, and possibly end up being faster.

Josh (Xyn) said...

We've got oodles of bandwidth at the moment (2.5 TB / month) and we're actively measuring direct downloads. Also, we've got quite a bit of feedback that the DL speed from our host is very good. With that being the situation, we're keeping it as in-house as much as we can... once it's out though anyone can give it to their friends and we lose visibility there.

Josh (Xyn)