Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No More "Suicide Commando"

The signature track from otherwise unremarkable No/Wave Post Punk act No More, 'Suicide Commando' is one of those odd songs which is more remarkable for the breadth of its influence than its own qualities. Like a more immediate and engaging version of Kraftwerk's 'Hall of Mirrors', its repetitive keyboard line, cheap reverbed drum machine and unemotive vocals are a prototype for countless DIY electro and ebm tracks (not to mention giving fellow Belgian Johann Van Roy a name to work with), the likes of which are still coming out every day. Despite apparently refusing to perform it for a portion of the career, it seems that No More have now embraced the song recently releasing a 2-CD career retrospective entitled Remake/Remodel on which one whole CD is given over to covers and remixes of it. Unfortunately not included on the album is the excellent version by Vitalic, which we have provided below for your listening pleasure.

No More - Suicide Commando

Vitalic - Suicide Commando

Link: Suicide Commando der Song


DJ Tobias said...

I thought it was literally, "No more Suicide Commando", meaning I would never have to hear a record by them again.

Damn you for getting my hopes up.

Matthias said...

how could they not include vitalic's version!

Morgana said...

Thanks for writing this.